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"Before I met Dr. Nease I was thinking to myself, ah yes, another doctor to make me feel bad about myself and my inability to lose weight. Of course after I met him, that all changed. From the first phone call to his office and talking to his office staff to actually meeting him for my initial office visit and then several days later attending one of his seminars, I quickly realized this was no ordinary doctor. To begin with his staff was unbelievable. They were so nice and caring and helpful. Not like the other doctors I had interviewed in the past who do this procedure. With the other offices, I felt like just another patient with questions, who was taking up their time. But with Dr. Nease's staff, there was no question that was insignificant to them. I never felt "dismissed" by the staff. And then there is Dr. Nease himself. I have never met someone so caring and dedicated to his patients. You never feel that he entered into this profession because he wanted to make lots of money. He has such a genuine care for his patients. I know I have always been made to feel special, which is what everyone I've met who is his patient says. He makes everyone feel special and important. He just cares so much about helping people battle this disease of obesity. Additionally, he's so thorough in his explanation of the procedure and what you will go through as well as what risks you could face. He leaves nothing to the imagination. And you never feel rushed. He will take all the time with you that you need. His devotion to his patients does not end once the surgery has been completed either. He stresses the importance of joining the support group and I must say, that support group has become like a family. And again, if there are questions that come up down the road, you just have to call his office and someone will be able to help you even if it is just to calm your nerves. I still go into his office once per month for follow-up. His skill and comptetence as a surgeon, as far as I'm concerned are unmatched. With the other doctors I had interviewed, they made it very clear to me that there was no way they would even attempt to perform my procedure laproscopically. My weight was 410 pounds and they just wouldn't do it. Dr. Nease said, he couldn't promise me a lap procedure, but he said he'd try his best to accomplish it and he did. I was healed, healthy and back to work in two weeks. So in summary would I recommend Dr. Nease...unequivocally YES. As I tell people now, my parents gave me life. Dr. Nease gave me back my life. I'll never be able to thank him enough. My surgery was May 11, 2004 and as of today, August 25, 2004 I have lost 73 pounds. "
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