Wow... it's been awhile.

Oct 21, 2009

Hello there to all my obesity help buddies...

It's been quite some time since I updated, but all is well. I just realized that my 5 year anny is next Tuesday. WOW!!! Time really flies. Health is great and I have maintained very well. Weight fluctuates up and down about 5 lbs, but I have held steady around 143-148 the last year. Not my lowest weight of course, but it appears to be my healthy weight. :o)

I thank God everyday for leading me to Dr. Bauman 5 years ago. He gave me the tool I needed to make my life what it is today. It was up to me to learn how to use it of course, but since it was a gift I chose to use it well.

We all make poor eating decisions along the way, and honestly theu further out I get I find myself having to regroup and be mindful of poor habits. Because bad habits DON'T go away easily...

So to all pre-ops GOOD LUCK... and all post-ops KEEP IT UP!!!


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