October, 2009

Oct 20, 2009

I cannot believe I haven't updated for over a year.  My youngest, Jonathan, was a senior in high school last year and I was kept busy with all that goes with being a senior plus the 3 sports that he does. In September we took him off to college.  He is at Eastern Washington University, which is about a 3 hour drive from our home.  We miss him terribly, but it helps that our son David is home trying to save for grad school. Our daughter has moved twice in the last year and finally settled (last weekend) in a small town west of Yakima. My husband and I have worked hard to get them to the point of being productive adults, so we are thrilled for them and their new lives, but sad for ourselves because we miss the days of having the family all together.

I have done pretty well with my weight.  I had gained 15 pounds, but took off 10 and have been holding at around 150 lbs for the last several months.  It will always be a struggle, but I am determined to maintain this weight and to stay heathy.  I am able to eat anything without any problems, and have energy to spare on most days.



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