I'm Strong!I'm Wiser! I'm Better!!!!! Never Would Have Made It

Aug 21, 2008

Hello All !!!! I know it's been a little bit more than a minute since I last posted here. I really feel a bit bad about the whole situation. It's almost like I forgot about all the individuals who where faithful to this system and posted on a faithful basis. So that I would have some testimonies to recieve. Now that the shoe is on the other foot I really need to do my part as a post-op'er to help those individuals who are out there lurking to find your way. Well it's official that 19 months post-op and doing just fine with no complications thank 2 GOD. I have really not been weighing myself like I should but I am in a size 14 bottom and a size 12 top(depends). I really don't care that much about the weight part that can became a little stressful. So now I just adjust to the fit of my clothes. Iam really enjoying this journey it's like a real live dream that never ends. My whole quality of life has changed. It's almost as if I was just under 515lbs of wall just waiting to break-out. I still work out like a "junkie" . Working out just really helps the whole situation and how you see yourself take shape. I for the most part am very cautious about what I put in my mouth. I try really hard not to eat after 6:00pm each day. This just seems to help the way my food digest. Other than that I really live this new life while getting a kick out of seeing classmates or ex students who don't know who in the "heck" I am! Many of them have to take a double take and say "jo" is that you????? Well I won't hold you any longer than a minister holds his sermon on Eastaer Sunday!!!! Last but not least for those of you who lurk this system everyday find it in yourself FIRST! You know what I mean! One of the reasons that I have been so successful is my saying; We are addicts, No different than an crack addict, alcoholic, gambler and etc. Would I do it again ?? IN LESS THAN 1 HEART BEAT 4 LIFE!!!   Until Next TIme PEACE !!!!           

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I'm Strong!I'm Wiser! I'm Better!!!!! Never Would Have Made It