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Feb 01, 2024

I had my gastric by-pass surgery November 8th 2022 and I have lost 108 pounds.  It has been an amazing journey for sure and has not always been easy.  I knew going in that the main goal was my health.  Being diagnosed with diabities, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, back and feet pain and severe depression made me choose this surgery option.  I was blessed enough to have a husband with state insurance that paid for my surgery.  I get complements all the time on how great I look but that is really just the icing on the cake.  The fact that I have no more of the health problems I had before is what all the hard work has paid for.  I will say that it is hard work, it's a full time job.  I tell people I didn't have brain surgery but stomach surgery.  My obsession with food is still there and I do get triggered sometimes (especially with cookies and pizza ) but using the Baritastic app and meal prep have been what keeps me so sucessful with that.  My surgeon Dr. Steven Webb with the HCA group in Jacksonville, FL was and still amazing.  He and his staff are so supportive and there anytime I have any issues or questions.  If you are considering this surgery just keep in mind that it will change your life, do your research, learn what you can and cannot do post op, and do exactly what your Doctor says.  You will grieve, literally grieve not being able to eat certain things anymore like breads, soda, lettuce (at least these are things that make my tummy hurt afterwards).  You may not have these issues but know that if you do then your body is telling you that it's not worth the pain or discomfort you may have to eat what you want.  Plus the expanding of your pouch is not worth it so listen to your body during and after you eat any new foods as they are introduced back into your diet.  I'm still learning this over a year post op so take it from me.  Well, I gues that's enough for now but I hope I can help someone with my story.  Congrats and good luck if you do decide to have any type of WLS.  

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