Need pre gastic surgery support

Mar 02, 2016

So I've been thinking about getting the gastric sleeve for 5 months now. For the first 4 months I was really excited and gung-ho about it - but for the past month or so I've been second-guessing the surgery and getting really scared. 

Currently I'm 30 years old, 160 pounds overweight, have type 2 diabetes and asthma, and my weight is keeping me from living my life and making friends. But I keep convincing myself tht I can lose the weight on my own. I'm terrified of cutting my stomach and never getting it back - it feels like I'm punishing myself or something by doing a surgery that drastic. But on the other hand I'm desperate to be at a healthy weight again and no longer be a slave to my body. I've been on a medication for years that was making me crave carbs and sugar and now I've been off of it for 3 months and lost 20 pounds without even trying and don't crave food now like I used to. I will most likely never take that medication again. 


I know a lot about the sleeve and know how it works but I am scared about never being "normal" again - even though I'm not normal now. How long do you have to wait between meals before eating again? I'm scared I will be depriving myself of food and nutrients by only eating a cup of food for meals. Can you eat between meals? I'm scared that I'll be nauseous all the time, even years after surgery, or that if I get pregnant my baby won't get enough nutrients since I can't eat that much. I'm afriad of eating meals and not being able to drink anything during meals. What is life like after gastric sleeve surgery? 

Any support would be so very appreciated. -Anne 


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Mar 02, 2016
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