The 3 Weeks Stall

Jul 18, 2021

I hit the 3 weeks stall before three weeks had passed from the day I was sleeved and it was really scary.  For all the research I did, I was still worried that this too wasn't going to work.  All my demons were back taunting me.  Was it worth it?  I enjoyed eating and now I couldn't eat all the things I had loved and where were the benefits?

I took my frustration to the outdoors and started walking.  I am now walking one hour everyday and wish I had more time to walk.  I am no longer scared of the scale because my fair angels won the battle over my mind and banished the demons.  The science is clear.  If I keep doing what I am doing as the doctor prescribed I cannot go wrong.  Also I took the doctor's advice and only weigh-in once a week.  

I am being positive...this too shall pass and my weight loss journey will continue.

Hang in there...



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