Hi. My name is Carol and I'm a Food Addict........

Aug 08, 2019

So yeah, I'm one of those returning post WTL surgery folks. I had my life saving surgery back in 2003 and have been described as a "success" story because I've managed to keep a very high percentage of my weight off for more than a few years.
Truth is, I had my ups and downs. Back in 2011 I began slowly gaining weight. 10 lbs a year actually for about 6 years. That 60+ lbs snuck up on me like a Ninja in penny loafers!
Then in 2018 after taking a good hard look at myself....I decided I had to stop whatever it was I was doing that allowed me to begin the scale climbing.
I saw my weight at 262-1/2 lbs and thought... Jesus! That's only 200 lbs less than my highest weight. I was scared shitless!
So I started to research like a fiend and realized that instead of eating how I had been taught...Protein, veggies then carbs, I was eating any thing and everything, just a lot less of it than previously. Clearly that didn't do me any good.
Ironically, I was one of those people who just couldn't figure out how anyone could gain their weight back. And then BAM.... I was one of them! To the tune of about 62-1/2 lbs.
So, moral of the story is...I'm back. I am focused. I am determined. And I believe in myself!
I'm a food addict and extra carb sensitive. A deadly (like literally...heart attack, stroke etc) combination.
Glad to be back OH!


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