Revision consult done now upper Gi series

Aug 29, 2018

I met with medical practitioner for revision. I qualify for DS got my labs I am very deficient in  iron and other minerals. I have had severe nausea and vomiting for years got super tired of phenergan and zofran and stopped because I was having bad side effects.

Does anyone know how long upper gi small bowel takes?

I go in the morning have to fast tonight. I had RNY in 2005.

I have my appt to discuss options with with surgeon on the 10th and then meet with insurance coordinator same day after surgeon.

I weighed in at 239 I had got up to 250 but have been trying to lose weight. It's so hard having nausea every single day. It dictates my life in a way that I cannot explain. The worst thing is the violent vomiting I mean my insides contract so hard that if I'm not in the shower or on the toilet I pee everywhere. I am afraid one day I will faint from the feeling that I am litterly being strangled. I bust so many blood vessels in my face sometimes even down my chest. 

I am praying that this surgery happens.

It's been so hard.

 I am afraid of the results. I have not one of these done since 2006

I am praying that I can have surgery. I need to be able to live day to day without nausea and vomiting. I need to get this weight off.

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