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Jan 05, 2016

So I have to admit - the thought of going into Stage 4 was VERY overwhelming. SOO many choices! SOO much to keep track of! So, in an attempt to ease my anxiety, I decided to create a tracker (uploaded in my Photos).  If you happen upon my profile, feel free to "borrow" it!

Good luck all!


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Jan 05, 2016

Finally made it on here! Yay! So I am a week into Stage 4 and so far, so good.  Just to backtrack a second... I had my VSG at Brigham & Women's Hospital on November 16, 2015 by the most amazing surgeon ever - Dr. Scott Shikora.  I have lost 45lbs post-op (75lbs total since I starting seriously dieting) and I wouldnt trade my journey for all of the tacos in the world!

I lost 9lbs between Christmas Day and January 3rd, so I definitely had a great holiday season.  Now that I am off of the short list of foods, I am a bit nervous, but I'm looking forward to going forward not thinking that food is the delicious enemy. 

Happy 2016!



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