Hello everyone!! Let me start by saying I feel GREAT!! I have no regrets in having VSG surgery!! I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2011 and it seemed like my health went downhill from there. I was on every diabetes medication out there except for Januvia!! I did dieting, exercising, starving, shakes, Atkins, etc. I would lose weight then put it back on plus extra!! I was depressed and always tired. Then my blood pressure started skyrocketing and I had to have back surgery in 2015!! I was afraid for my life!! I am a 41 year old mother of 5, grandmother of 3, baby sibling out of 7 and wife of an amazing man!! I need and want to be alive and well!! I had been researching weight loss surgery for over 2 years when I decided to go forward with it. I prepared my mind, heart and family for our new lifestyle change because I knew this surgery would effect all of us. It was difficult and took great discipline and determination on my part but all the hard work, sweat and tears paid off and continues to pay off every day!! The day after surgery I came off all medications I had been taking for my diabetes and cholesterol!! My goal was accomplished at that very moment!! All other benefits from the surgery were added pleasures to me!! I started having more energy to play with my grandchildren! I started going to the gym again and even wore workout gear!! My family is so supportive and loving!! My husband and sons join me at the gym and have started eating healthier since I cook healthier!! I did have a point right after surgery where I thought I had made a huge mistake but through support from my family, my congregation, my doctor and support groups I pushed through all the doubts and anxiety. I learned to listen to Queen V, (my new stomach's name) and push away from the table the moment I feel full!! I get my water, protein, vegetables and vitamins in daily with no problems now!! Exercising is now a daily routine, even if it is just a 20 minute power walk. I am thrilled with my new lifestyle and my decision!!

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Apr 05, 2017
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