New and Need Help with meal prep

Oct 31, 2019

Can anyone help with this. I am new to this website and I know I need to loose the weight. 

single mom of two. Can't afford to continue forward with the surgery because of the psychological evaluation. somehow the insurance company put me with a woman that likes to prescribe drugs for no reason. Every time I walked into the door, she never remembered why I was there, nor that she had already tried to prescribe something to me prior. 

If I go through the company therapist it will cost me

300-450 out of pocket. Not covered by insurance. I just simply don't have that. 

so how can I get from 310 lbs to 150. 

I have watched my 600lb life. They follow a diet and get more active. What is the healthy Lifestyle change (not diet) to meet these goals. 

any advice, links, ect. I would appreciate. I need to be that good role model not just for myself but my two children. 



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Oct 31, 2019
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