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My band to sleeve revision surgery is scheduled with Mexicali Bariatrics on 9/13/17. My question is HOW did you PAY??? Did you carry the balance in CASH or did you WIRE TRANSFER it? That's a lot of cash to be carrying but you get another charge when yo

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Wishing you a very pleasant surgery. I'm sure it won't be fun but do as your told & all things will work together! I too have my surgery that day in Mexico. A lap band to sleeve revision. Revisions take abit of skill to remove scar tissue/adhesions left from the band. Not looking forward to this but the band has been there for 11 years.. Best wishes!!

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Wishing you a very successful surgery! May it be the tool that makes your life & health the VERY BEST!! My surgery is the same day in Mexico! Yes I'm a little nervous!!

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I went to Mexico in 2/2006 & had a lap band. I have never reached goal but lost 45 pounds. I had to go to another state for fills which NEVER seemed to get it right. I have periods of throwing up & the being stuck with all the sliming etc, you get the

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