Feeling defeated before I even have surgery ????

Jan 09, 2017

 I am so sad. I have surgery scheduled for 3/30 and I already knew what my portion would be for my doctor. I called last week to see what my portion would be for the hospital, and they called me today and ripped my heart out. My insurance only pays 50% of the hospital bill for bariatric surgery so my portion is $5,000. I wasn't expecting anything close to that. They won't accept payments either and expect the full $5k by 3/28 when I go for preadmission tests. That's on top of the $1358 to my surgeon's office and what I've already paid for my psych evaluation and consultation. I feel like I have wasted my time trying to do it this way instead of just going south of the border. Only close family and very, very close friends know that I've started this process. So I can't post this on my fb page. And I just feel defeated and needed to post it somewhere.


Surgery Date SCHEDULED!!

Dec 28, 2016

I had my first consultation with my surgeon and I am scheduled for March 30, 2017.  I have to attent a nutrition class on Feb 16th, have my EGD and other lab/blood work March 7th, start my 2 week pre-op diet on March 16th and then surgery March 30th.  Things just got real!!



Nov 11, 2016

I am so beyond excited!!!   I just got the call from my insurance company and they have approved me!! They gave me approval until December 31st, which is a bit of concern because my surgeon is scheduling for January and February, but the surgeon's coordinator said that they can just ask for an extension...I am so nervous and excited all at the same time!  Still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best though!!


Crossing my fingers & hoping for the best!

Nov 03, 2016

I am 34 years old with a current weight of 246, my height is 5'3" and my BMI is 43.6.  I have high blood pressure and a back that kills me when I try to walk for very long. I'm so ready to be able to excercise like I need, and want, to!  I have everything set up for pre-op...I have filled out all appropriate paperwork for my surgeon's office, I've watched his online seminar and scored 100% on all the quizes, I will be attending his live seminar on November 14, 2016, I have my psychiatric evaluation scheduled for tomorrow and my PCP has written my Letter of Recommendation.  I really, really hope that my insurance approves with no issues!  Hopefully I will know something on the approval before the live seminar on the 14th!


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