Gee, where to begin? It all started last year when I randomly stood on the scale and got the shock of my life...287 pounds heading for 300!! I just could'nt believe it. I've been is such denial in years. My body tried to tell me in so many ways with aches and pains, needing  to wear ankle braces to hypertension. Let's not talk about all the medications that was being taken! Yes, still I was in denial. My friends and family never said a word about my weight gain except for doctors throughtout the years, but what did they know....I thought....I'm just big boned.


When I found out that I had diabetes type 2, along with high cholesterol and hypertension, I knew I had to make a change in my life. If I continued along this path I would certainly have a stroke or a heart attack just like my father. He was my mirror. I've seen how diabetes along with serveral strokes and a heart attack had affected my dad to barely having enjoyment of life. I didn't want to be like him. But I knew if I didn't change my life yes...I would be just like him. Barely living day by day not enjoying life at all, while my health getting worse. I'm already on disability and had to stop working.


So I decided to diet and lose the weight. Taking responsible for what I had become... morbid obese ( how I hate that terminology) taking baby steps, knowing that it took years to make my body to look like this it would take a whole lot of time for my transformation. So far I've lost alot of weight on my own. But I decided to have Bariatric Surgery to help give me the tool to keep it off and for me not to ever be that big again. I started to see Dr. Bovard and I told him how dedicated I was to have the Gastric Sleeve procedure done.  


I just started on my Bariatric journey last month (Feb 2018). So I have a few steps and hurdles to achieve but I don't mind because I can see the prize at the end of the rainbow....having a healthly body and doing all the things that weight restricted me from doing. Hopefully in the fall, I will have the surgery done.  Have to have at least 6 medically supervised visits with the doctor and tons of tests and approvals. I don't mind because I don't want any complications along the way. I'm really excited!!! I want to live a happy, healthy and full life!!! That's my goal!!  don't care about loose and sagging skin for now because  I'm not doing this for vanity's sake. I'll deal with that latter (Doing some weight training now to build muscle ). 


Hopefully my story will resonate for some and encourage others.  I'll try to keep you guy's posted with my journey. You guy's have encouraged me and I would like to give back along the way. Wishing happy and healthy lives to all of us and let's keep each other encouraged!

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