G. Derek Weiss

"What can I say,My Docs Rock!!!My cosultation was with Dr. Weiss. If I had any doubt about surgery before (which I didn't) I sure didn't after He was finished. I have absolutely NO DOUBT in My mind I have two of the top skilled and best surgeons in this Country if not the World. On top of that they are "fine". And best of both Worlds. If you like tall, dark and handsome, You have Dr. Weiss. If You like blonde and light eyed, You have Dr. Oldham. Aren't I sooo lucky. Well you can be, too. Call Bluegrass Bariatric Center today.The Bariatric Center at Georgetown Community Hospital is located in Georgetown, Kentucky. If You have any questions about My journey, please email Me. God Bless and Best Wishes to all Who may be on the journey of a lifetime.*************************************************************************** Post-op-- Dr. Weiss is the absolute best surgeon. I love the hair.!! I always say something about his hair and he says he needs a haircut. I really do like it. It's hip and trendy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Dr. Weiss in December. Old Man!!lol Georgetown may be small in size but they make up for it in the staff, profesionalism, promptness, pride, politeness, caring and just down right damn good!!!!! From pre-op to post-op, you can't go wrong. If you have a great surgeon, without a great bariatric center to follow, you can bet they will not be as efficient and successful. Praises and gratitude go to my success as it unravels to the entire group of dedicated people in "THE ARENA" in Georgetown! "
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Sep 25, 2004
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