Well today is February 19, 2007. I'm starting to think pretty seriously about the Lap Band surgery. I've struggled all of my life with my weight, but I've always seemed to keep the fat at bay. After the birth of my second child (18 yrs ago), I lost that battle. I've been fat since with my highest weight being about 268 lbs. I've tried many things to lose weight. Weight Watchers (which I'm on right now - again, 3rd time I believe), trying to eat sensibly, over the counter diet pills years ago, going to the gym, etc. Nothing worked because to be honest, it hurts to exercise because I'm so darn fat. I'm always hungry and allow myself to overeat.


I have a pretty good support system, although my hubby is a little skeptical about the surgery because he feels that if you don't have enough will power to not eat BEFORE the surgery, you won't keep it off after the surgery. I disagree 100%. If I could just lose the weight, knowing that if I eat the wrong things or too much I'd get sick or feel terrible, that would dissuade me from eating those things to begin with. Then if I could just lose some, maybe my joints wouldn't hurt so bad and I could exercise more...? Just a thought.

Anyway, I live in Fresno and I think I may go to the seminar that Dr. Felix puts on just to check it out. A coworker had it done a year ago and her hubby had it a few months ago. They've both done great! Maybe if I do it and do well my hubby will think about it as well.

Currently I weigh about 266 lbs and my goal weight is 145. Wish me luck!

 ** Update: Today is 11/4/2007 and I'm SO glad that I had the lapband!!! I'm down to 212 lbs this year with a total loss of 54 lbs so far, and I feel great! I still have 67 lbs to lose but it didn't come on overnight, so I'm not going to lose it overnight. I've been exercising each day, something I never thought I'd be doing, and I ENJOY it!!!

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