Down 130lbs

Nov 23, 2009

Down 130lbs got my tummy tuck and breast implants done.  Want to lose ten more pounds and that's it.  So far pretty happy with everything and very glad I decided to have weight loss surgery.

Down 93.5 lbs

May 10, 2009

I only wish I had taken all my measurments.  If you are just starting make sure this is something you do, it will help you as you have your stalls remember inch's are even more important.

My RNY Surgery

May 10, 2009

Well, I had surgery with Dr Pop at Barix he was very good and he is straight to the point.
Everything went well, only problem I had was a massive migrain headach for 3 days that I could not get shake.
Stayed an extra day at Barix because of this splitting heachache that was killing me, I couldn't sit, sleep, nothing.
All in all it was fine, nurses and everyone at Barix was great!

Came home and for weeks thought what did I do to myself, I was so sad at times that I could not understand why I did this, it is a big change that's for sure.  Everyone told me it would get better so I just kept that in mind to help me through.
After two week I lost 15lbs and was pretty happy but wanted to lose 20lbs that's me never happy.
Had my rough times with food getting stuck and nothing going down feeling like throwing up all the time, again I would think what did I do.  Then I would go on the scale and see the weight come off and say ok, this is why I did this.

I have had my stalls that seem will never end and have to change things once in a while this is a learning process.  I am very happy to be able to enjoy my life again and feel sexy.  My husband and kids are so happy I can now keep up with them and not always have to sit.  I am very happy and greatful I had the surgery and that all is fine and I am happy and healthy.


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