I have been overweight my entire life.  I grew up being called "Thunder Thighs" by my brother, who was a body builder.  Even at around 140 lbs when I graduated high school, I was teased about being fat.  I did diets over the years, even twice losing over 100 lbs only to gain it back again.  In 2011 I had a motorcycle accident where I broke my leg and was unable to walk for months.  The weight I had lost of course all came back, and then some!  With my weight, I was never able to conceive, even after fertility drugs and even going thru 2 cycles of in-vitro fertilization, only to never be able to get pregnant.  Sad to say, but I was breaking chairs at work because of my weight.  I am a nurse.  How can I tell others to take their health into their own hands when I couldn’t do it myself!  I was 328 lbs at my highest when I decided to pursue weight loss surgery.  I was sick all the time, I had high blood pressure, and I had been on a CPAP machine for 6 years due to sleep apnea.  I found out that my boss had it done about 8 years prior and she was pleased with her results.  I went to the same program she did.  I must say, Dr. Li was the best thing to ever happen to me!  Between her and my dietitian, I got the tools and knowledge to be successful at my weight loss!  I have had to adjust my weight loss goals because I keep surpassing them!  I have been maintaining my weight loss of 160+ lbs now since November 2014.  My words of advice:  Pay attention to the dietitian! Drink drink drink your water and always remember protein first!  Following the rules, the weight loss was steady!  I got my life back, and I am dedicated to informing others about weight loss surgery.  I only wish that I had done the surgery years before.

Weight Loss Total: 160lbs after having a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy done on 11/25/2013 by Dr. Christina Li at Sinai Hospital in Baltimore

There are so many milestones/ non scale victories that I could never name them all! 

Riding roller-coasters with no fear of the seat belt not fitting!

Flying without a seat belt extender!

Buying clothes in regular stores and knowing that it will fit!

Getting a whole new wardrobe of clothes!

Cliff jumping in Mexico a few months ago!  ( I am fearless now!)

The simple things, like a man holding the door open for me now, things that never seem to happen when you are overweight.

For the first time EVER, I rode on the back of my husband’s motorcycle!  Something I never could have done at over 300 lbs!

 I love sharing my story and progress with others.  If I help just ONE person change their life for the better, then my goal is met!  I have a relative who was a doubter, saying I should never have weight loss surgery, that I should do it on my own.  Well, guess who had the same surgery done earlier this year and is making awesome progress.  Yup, she did!  My husband has now started the process as well and will be having surgery some time after the first of the year.

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My starting weight was 328
I am maintaining at 168!

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