I am a 27 year old married mom and RN.  I have been overweight my whole life.  When I graduated in 1997 from HS I  was around 320 by the end of my freshman year of college I was around 350.  A few years later I hit 420.  OH MY GOD.. I thought.. I did Atkins and got down to about 360.  I was in nursing school and got together with my husband, boyfriend then.... That was almost 4 years ago.  I used to bake him cakes and not eat them.. Well then we became comfortable and I started eating the cake too.. I gained up to almost 400.  I trained for the Portland Marathon.  Walked a half marthon and didnt lose anything.. I felt better but then got injured with blisters and plantar fascitis... I got pregnant 6 months later at 410 or so.. OH my god.. this was going to the be the biggest pregnant lady ever.. Never showed.. How humiliating.. Had a fairly hard stomach but that's it.. just look fat like always.. I only gained 15 pounds with pregnancy.. and then I sat around for 3 months eating and breastfeeding and continued to gain.  
December  436 went to the Dr. and said enough is enough. He said.. YES you need surgery.. I have Kaiser insurance and its a VERY long process.. I have take a 12 week freedom from diets class.  Filled out the questionaire with my referral and I am waiting.. I just keep gaining.. I am up to 465.  
I will be done breastfeeding in August and then can start some drugs.. I have had my thyroid tested first hyper, now hypo, retest in 2 months.. 
I am really trying to keep a food diary and move more.. 
I just am at such a stand still.. 
You all are such an inspiration to me.. Thank you.

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