I am so Blessed!

Jan 19, 2011

 I am so thankful as we have come into another year and I have lived to see it.  I am at 171.8 lbs (233.8 lbs gone) and 19 months out from surgery.  I am so thankful but I really do need support as I do not really have it at home cause my boyfriend does not understand what it is i am going through but I continue to pray and ask for guidance and to take certain feelings off my heart.  I have moved to a new city and I really needs to find a support group to continue my journey.  Please let me know if there are any in the Little Rock, AR area.

Today, I am under 200 lbs...

Aug 31, 2010

I am 197.0 to be exact.  God is wonderful and I am so blessed that he has given me this opportunity to re-gain my health.  I feel so much better.  I am able to run.  You hear me...run.  And I do not tire as easily as before.  I can walk 2 miles and still be ready for more.  To date I have lost 208 lbs from my highest weight of 405.6 but since surgery I have lost 165.8 lbs.  I have lost an entire person, my God.  A blessing is all I can say.

Almost under 250 lbs!

Oct 26, 2009

Hello All,

Just a few lines to say, "Thank you, God" for your many blessings!! I am almost under 250 lbs.  Today I weigh 267, and since I started the entire process I have lost 102 lbs (started at 369).  I feels so good getting around now days.  I have not been this small in over 14 yrs and I do not remember being less tha 212 lbs so we will see how I look at 200.

12 weeks out...

Aug 26, 2009

As of today, I am under 300 pounds(298.6 to be exact).  I have not been this small in 14 years since before I got pregnant.  Thank God for his many blessings and for keeping me on course even when I felt I had fallen off. Thanks for all the well wishes.
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4 Weeks out and counting...

Jul 06, 2009

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am doing well since surgery on 6/3.  Getting all the fluids in is getting much better.  I have lost 38 lbs and with 15 more pounds I will be under 300.  I have not seen 2## as a weight in 14 years.   Thank all for your well wishes and I will keep you posted on my progress.


May 25, 2009

Praises to Him for without Him I am nothing, Baby!  I am having my much needed surgery on June 3, 2009!!!  I am so happy and very much grateful to the Lord and those in Dr. Smith's office who helped me along the way to get to a surgery date and insurance approval.  I begin pre-op appointments on Wednesday, May 27.  I am so ready to begin the next chapter of my life and this journey.  I know there is pain but no pain no gain.  At least this pain will help me not to be in pain in the long run.  I have to get a digital camera to document these important moments.


First Step

Mar 03, 2009

Yesterday, I had my first session with the coordinator.  This was my program teaching session were we went over labs and the various clearances I have to get. All went well and I have my surgeon's consult coming up. 

All praises to God for keeping me on course and motivated.  Today, I got my cardiac clearance today.  I am on my way.

It's been a long time...

Feb 27, 2009

Man, it has been a long time since I made an entry.  Well, 5 years is a long time to be without insurance to getting the care you need.  As you see below, I could not have surgery because I did not have insurance or the money.  Now, the Lord has blessed me with a job that has great benefits including insurance that will pay for the surgery as long as it is medically necessary and I met the criteria.  I should not have a problem there.  I recently was accepted as a patient by Dr. Dennis Smith.  I am in the beginning stages and on my way to better health so I can be here to see my only son grow older and grow into his life and become a parent.

Today, I have so many health issues that I feel like I should be a senior citizen.  I am tired of feeling tired.  I love me, if I did not have health issues, the Loviless you be around to stay.  Baby, I will love me no matter how I look as long as I am HEALTHY!


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