lovinglifevegas 16 years ago

Hi Lori, So glad you found us. Please feel free to post any questions or send a message to anyone that you think might be able to help you w/ any situation. Everyone on this board, and especially the A-listers, is just great and ALWAYS willing to help. Look forward to hearing from you! Shana

Maritza . 16 years ago

Hi and Welcome. I had surgery on April the 9th. I have lost 20 lbs and I have my very 1st fill on May 24th this coming Thursday. I am very optimistic about getting down to my goal which is 130 lbs. We are so glad to have you. Good Luck and keep in touch. Let's share our journey. M.Y.

BrendaP 16 years ago

Hi Lori! Welcome to the OH board! I have found this site so valuable before and after my surgery. I am 7 weeks post-op and have lost 34 lbs! Dont hesitate to ask anything you need to know on this site. There are some very nice people with an abundance of knowledge for us to tap into! Good luck on your journey! Brenda

L.A. B. 16 years ago

Hi Lori and welcome to OH! I'm part of the A-Team along with Cindy! I look forward to seeing you on the message boards and getting to know you better. I had my surgery on 4/25/07 and all has gone pretty well so far and I'm down 25-lbs. I look forward to hearing your story. So come on over to the A-Team friends & support! Cheers! Lisa
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