I've struggled with my weight for my whole life. I've always been the "fat friend" in every circle. It's alright though because I'm tall at 5'10 and I carry it well and I'm big boned...

Well my weight has been increasingly steadily over the years. I met my husband when I was 20 and I weight 200lb so "only" about 30lbs over a healthy weight. Well now, 17yrs, 3 kids and a transantlantic move later I'm 115lb more than when we met.

I'm pre-diabetic after having gestational diabetes in my last 2 pregnancies and my yearly testing always coming back right on the boarderline of being a diagnosis. I have high blood pressure and I've recently started having issues with my knees. 

I'm still reasonably young (37yrs old) and I feel so bloody awful about myself, about my life and about the example I'm setting for my children. I've tried Atkins - I gained 10lb, I tried WW but struggled with the points and having so much "free" food that didn't have points. I've completed slimming world when I lived in the UK and this was great for me - I lost 70lbs on that. I then got pregnant and moved to Canada and gained every lb back with 15 more to keep them company.

My Dr referred my for the RNY one April 28th 2017 so my journey is just beginning. I'm scared about everything it entails but feel it's the only way I'll even be health enough to enjoy my life for as long as I'm able to.

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