October 6,2006
I have been overweight most of my life. I really started packing on the pounds after high school. I lost about 75 pounds before getting married in 1997 with diet and exercise, but two kids later and almost 10 years, I’m back to being out of control. I am 5’7” and weighing in at 291. My breaking point was last summer when we took a trip to Disneyworld. Not only was I having trouble keeping up with the family physically, but mentally I was miserable. I was more worried about fitting on the rides and the airplane, then I was about having a good time. I asked each attendant at each attraction if I would have any problems with the restraints on that particular attraction. It was humiliating. After in depth conversations with family members and close friends, I decided it was time to put an end to the way I’ve been living. I so desperately want to be the person on the outside that I feel I am on inside.

 I have tremendous family and friend support (with one exception- MIL). I hope they, along with the people on this board, will help me get though this.<

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