I have my Date

Oct 04, 2007

Well, I can't beleive after all this time it is finally here.

I got the call today that my insurance approved the surgery and they have it scheduled for Oct. 15.  It will be here before I know it.

Lots to do before the big day.

Surgical Consult

Sep 20, 2007

Well,  I met with Dr. Czerniach on Tuesday and he was so nice.
Both him and Robin explained exaclty what would happen with the surgery.

Now I just have to wait for them to submit everything to my insurance company.  I already spoke with them and they will approve quickly(at least that is what they told me)

I will update once I get my surgery date.


Sep 05, 2007

Well I went from complete and utter dissapointment to joy today when I spoke with Gloria and she gave me my appointment to meet with Dr. Czerniach,   My appointment is Sept. 18th.  Man I feel so much better.


Sep 04, 2007

Well today was my Son's first day of Kindergarten. Time sure does fly.

So overall I thought I was going to have a GREAT Day. As sad as I was that my son is growing so fast I was proud of him and happy that he wanted to go to school and learn. It also happens to be 3 weeks today since I got the letter of readiness from the Psychologist(yippee I can call today to get a status)*----they said don't call before 3 weeks.

I fought with everything I had not to call and check in before now, I have a total need to be in control and know what is happening at all times. I did it I waiting(not easy) So anyway I call today to check in and they say that my name was never sent to the surgeon's office because I didn't have sign off from my Pulmonoligist. I was livid. my doctor sent it like 3 months ago. They already confirmed that they had it, now they lost it somewhere. I understand things happen but Man I just can't catch a break.
I called my Pulmonoligist and had them fax it right over. So my name is being sent to Dr. Czerniach's office today(I hope)
I was told that Dr. Gitkind just needs to sign off on my chart today and it will be another 2 weeks before I hear back.

My dilema, for once I followed the rules and I got screwed(at least thats how I feel), I know that waiting is part of this whole process but man this sure does stink. I am contemplating calling Dr. Cerniach's office and talking to them, the Weight Center gave me his secretary's name.
I don't know,

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