Orange or Tropical punch drink

"When mixed with the generic (Wal Mart) brand of powdered sugar-free fruit punch (like Crystal Light, only generic) and water, this drink is excellent. It gives 15 g of protein per drink. After it's mixed with the fruit punch powdered mix, you can't tell the protein mix is in the drink!"

King's Daughters Medical Center (COE)

"All my experiences at KDMC have been great so far. I haven't had my surgery yet (hoping for the first two weeks in April), but everyone involved in my pre-op testing has been totally awesome! As for the WLS staff - some are good, some not so good."

Tim Wheeler

"Dr. Wheeler has seen my insides in a way that no one else has... through a scope down my throat and (hopefully a different) scope in my rear. Nice enough guy... I'll see how he stitches me up, then we'll talk."
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