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My name is Bonnie and I am new to this site.  I had VSG on November 1st, so I still consider myself a newbie.  I have had weight issues since I was 10 years old and now I'm in my 50's.  That's a LONG time!  I was able to lose over 100 lbs about 14 years ago and I kept it off for 10 years:  I was in the Army and I was very physically fit.  I was hurt in Afghanistan in 2012, and after that, I could not workout 5-6X a week, 1-2 hours a day.  When I used to work out so vigorously, I was able to eat what I wanted.  After I got hurt, I kept eating like a skinny person.  Now eating like I was, not exercising, being post menopausal and getting older, I wasn't able to lose the weight on my own or with Weight Watchers.  I kept gaining weight until I reached 242 lbs.  For about a year, I thought about WLS, but I knew I wasn't quite 100 lbs over weight.  I did my research, checked into my insurance and made the first steps of the journey.  Now here I am!  I lost 27 lbs pre-op and I've lost 31 since.  I've really been a slow loser since surgery, which has been frustrating for me. However, on the day of surgery, my BMI was lower at 33.   I keep trying to remind myself that this a journey and I need to embrace it.  This is where all of YOU come in.  I NEED YOUR SUPPORT!  I hope to make friends here and gain valuable knowledge.  I look forward to meeting you all.


Bonnie (retired Army Major)


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