My storey begins at birth, I weighed 9pounds 10 oz.  I started gaining weight going into grade 2 the weight just coming on.
I was embarassed to go out anywhere or do the normal things that kids do.
When I was in hight school my father had said to me are you going to eat everything on that plate and that was it. I lost
over 80 pounds and the boys started to notice me.  I started a job at Mcdonald's and kept the weight off for a couple of years.
I was having fun living the life.  Then the weight started to come back on.
Moving forward to getting married at 28 and having my son at 30 I gained over 100 pounds.  I was sickened by the weight not
going out.  I went to the doctor and saw the nurse and she helped me with a diet plan and medication called meridia
that helped me to lose 80 pounds and I was again active going out and enjoying life.
Again the weight started to creep up when I had to go off the drug do to the fact that it could cause heart problems.
Here I am now, very embarrassed to go any where and I break out in a sweat for no reason, weight is to high

I was very scared to talk to the doctor about weight loss surgery, I got up the strength and approached her about it.
She said that is a great idea it you think you need to proceed with the weight lose tool.  I told her to go through the 
regeristry and they didn't they faxed it over.  Weeks went by and I made an appointment to the doctors again.
I showed her the paper where it says the dr has to register the patient.  So she did and I got the call
March 14 is just the begining of my journey!!!!

Aug 12, my life changed forever my husband decided he wasn't happy and needed a new life.

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