Nov 07, 2006

I had the rest of the staples and stitches out and got weighed in and guess what?  I have lost 17.5lbs since surgery!!!!!!!!!  And that is for only 13 days.  I know that it won't be that great all the time, but WOW what a boost.
I am feeling great and getting all my 60gr protein and at least 64oz of fluids in so maybe that is why.
I am also walking every day too.  I want this weight to come off as fast as my body will let it!

My Surgery Story - 1 week post-op

Nov 01, 2006

Wow my surgery was l week ago already! Well here is my story:

I did have a hard time in surgery, my bowel was kinked bad and Doc had to take it all apart, took 5 hrs instead of the usual 1 1/2 for the procedure. I told the nurses before that I really hope to have the RYN not the sleeve, and in the operating room after all the bowel stuff he was going to do the sleeve, but the nurses said that I really wanted the RYN so he did it! I am so grateful to him.
I got my drain out on monday, and 1/2 of the staples and stitches.and go get the rest of the stitches out next tues. I am doing better than I thought I would, compairing it to all my hernia surgeries, this is actually easier!

I go back to the nutrition and exercise guy on the 14 of Nov. I think that I will be able to be on mushy foods then. When I got my drain out, I didn't have any loss from surgery, full of liquids yet, but I think that next week, I will see some loss. Sure seems like I should, as I am only getting in my protein from liquids and puddings, and nothing else!

Next time I update I will on the LOSERS BENCH!!!!

Oct 23, 2006

Well I made it through the donut making for the pumpkin patch!
I also made it through the 2 week fast, and boy was that harder than I thought that it would, but didn't cheat once! I even made deviled eggs and made my hubby taste them to see if I had them right.

Today I am on clear liquids and then at 1pm I start the CLEAN OUT STUFF!

I am not scared about the surgery, just a little conserned about the pain. I have had a lot of surgery and do remember the pain after, but if I have enough drugs I know that I will make it.

I am cleaning everything in the house so when I get home it will be nice.

Next time I update here I will be on the LOSERS BENCH!!!

I have been on the liquid fast for 5 days now

Oct 15, 2006

I have been on the liquid fast for 5 days now.  I think that this time it is harder than I thought it would be.  I am having trouble finding one that I like.  But I am sticking to it, I want to have a successful surgery and don't want anything to go wrong.

Which surgery am I having??

Oct 05, 2006

Saw the surgen yesterday. He said that because of all my previous surgerys that maybe I will have a lot of adheasions and couldn't do RYN lap, and he is not opening anybody up for it, so if that is the case he could do a VSG on me, that is the one that doesn't have a bypass of the intestines, but makes the stomach like a banana, and removes the rest of the stomach. There isn't the malaborsive problems with this but some may not loose as much weight with it. And then later, he could convert to the RYN. Boy I sure hope that I can get the RYN, I need the control of dumping so that I don't overdo, with the other, you can eat fats and sugars, just not much of them, but that has always been my problem along with portion control. I feel that if I am allowed to have icecream without the consequences then I will.
Hubby and I agreed to the VSG if the other can't be done, but sure hope it can.
I have bought all my liquid stuff for my fast, so now I have 4 more days till it starts.
I have read on here not to buy too many protien shake mixes that you like because your tastes change after surgery and might not like them anymore.
My son came over and gave me a late birthday present--gift cert. to Red Lobster, boy I will have to use that real fast. I am working at the Pumpkin patch making donuts this weekend so will only have monday or tues to go.
I might just give in one more weekend and have some donuts, this will be my last chance cause next weekend I will be fasting! I will let you know how I did.

Thanks Apple Pie, also tomorrow I go to my liquid fast class

Oct 02, 2006

I would like to thank Apple pie for getting my pic up, I couldn't make it happen and she did.

Tomorrow I go for my liquid fast class, then thursday I go to see the surgen about the surgery. I did get the 5lbs off that I had put on since the last time I saw him, I hope that his scales say the same thing.

Things are finally comming together now and it is starting to seem real to me.

All I think about is the surgery, day and night. I hope that I can sleep when the days get closer.

I feel excited and scared all at the same time. I have read alot on Obesity Help and know that I am not alone in these thoughts, everybody goes through this. I don't have any concern over my surgery, as my surgen is very well qualified and has not had hardly any complications.

One more month til surgery!

Sep 18, 2006

Well, the days are just flying by now, just about 1 more month till surgery! My 36th wedding anniversary was yesterday, the 18th and went out to eat. And sunday Sept 24 is my birthday, I will be 54 years old already! I still think of myself as a lot younger. But looking at me walk, I look like I am 90 years old, as I wobble because of heal spirs!

I am having the last super syndrom (I can't spell!) and want to eat it all but I am talking to myself and telling me that is stupid and try to eat normal. I have put about 5 pounds on since I last weighed in at the docs office, and I really want to get that off before I see him on Oct 4.

I start my fast on Oct 11, so then the food choices will be much easier for me, I have been on a liquid fast before and after the first two days it was easy, hope that this time it will be the same.

I have started to work for Fruitridge Hayrides on the weekends, I make the donuts, that is kinda funny putting the fat chick incharge of the donuts! Sat. was real slow and I did give in and have some of them, then I had a heart to heart talk to myself and sunday didn't have any. I hope that I can keep that up.

I did get some of the hoses up out of my yard today, with all the rain that we are having finally, I don't think that I will need them all. I might even have to mow the lawn soon, as it is starting to grow again, hasn't grown since @ the first of August with the dry weather we were having.

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Next time I update I will on the LOSERS BENCH!!!!
I have been on the liquid fast for 5 days now
Which surgery am I having??
Thanks Apple Pie, also tomorrow I go to my liquid fast class
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