Too thin???

Oct 10, 2021


I had traditional DS in March 2017. My highest weight was 314, surgery weight was 285, current weight is 134  (dr told me I have 20-25 pounds of excess skin on my body). 
I was at a family function yesterday and was told I was too thin. Apparently I was the talk of town last night as everyone was asking ny Mom if I was ok! I will call the dr this week, but has anyone else lost too much? I eat!! I also drink Coke all day, so I know I'm getting calories. Yes, I know this is a no-no, but I'm not perfect! Lol! I'm within normal range, but I can feel my bones. My Aunt actually cried when she hugged me because she could feel my spine. I never in a million years thought I would want to gain weight, but apparently I need to. Any advice?


6 weeks out--down 38 pounds and no fill!

Jun 25, 2007

I went to see the Dr. this afternoon in anticipation of my first fill.  He said I was doing well, so we'll put the fill off for another month!  I have lost 38 pounds since May 1 when I started the pre-op diet.  WOW!  People are starting to notice and my pants are getting baggy!  I also got the "all clear" to eat regular, solid food.  My DH and I went to my favorite mexican restaurant for dinner.  I had 4 chips with salsa.  I ordered one taco, dumped out the contents on my plate (just meat and cheese) and got aboutr half of that down and I was full!  Pre-surgery, I would have gone through a basket and a half of chips, a bowl of cheese dip, 2 tacos, an enchilada, and refried beans.  I can't beleive I have this restriction on an empty band.  I am feeling pretty happy today :)  Also, my DH and I just bought our first home!  We close on Thursday, packers come Friday and we move Saturday.  It's BRAND NEW, so we are way excited!!!  Lots of good things happening to me is good!

Optifast doesn't taste too bad....

Apr 26, 2007

I have my Optifast, which is the liquid diet my Dr. prefers.  I start on Tuesday, 5/1/07.  So when I start this Optifast, I also have to quit smoking AND go through PMS.  Are you kidding me right now?!?!?  You want me to do WHAT???  I think my husband is going to pack up the cat and dog, and flee the country, and frankly I don't blame him!!  Anyway, so we broke open one of the Optifast shakes (which by the way are the size of a kid's juicebox-I can have only 5 per day) and it tasted alright!  It was the chocolate flavor.  And I drank one and felt full!  Of course, this was only about 1/2 hour after I ate dinner, so that may have had something to do with it :)

Have my date!!!

Apr 25, 2007

I got a call a couple of hours ago......when I heard it was the nurse at my Dr.'s office, my heart stopped.  she gave me the date!!!  I am going to be a Bandster on May 15th, 2007.  Wow, it's not sinking in quite yet, but as soon as I start my liquid diet next week, I am sure it will become more "real".

Orientation today

Apr 18, 2007

I had my group orientation today at the surgeon's office.  It went well and I made a new friend.  I meet one on one with the Dr. on Monday, 4/23/07, and from what I understand it'll only be a few weeks until surgery.  AGHHHHH, getting nervous and excited!!! 

Here's to the Beginning

Apr 04, 2007

I am at the beginning of a fantastic journey.  I am thrilled, scared, nervous, anxious and every other emotion you could think of!  My first consultation with the surgeon is April 23, 2007.  Because I am a self-paying, surgery should soon follow.  Here I go!!!

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6 weeks out--down 38 pounds and no fill!
Optifast doesn't taste too bad....
Have my date!!!
Orientation today
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