There really isn't much of a story for me.  I've kept myself out of the picture (out of any picture).  I'm extremely shy and I'm really bad at being sick. 

I've always hated the thought of waking up one day with high blood pressure or diabetes.  Even worse, I've hated the thought of dying an old (or young) fat lady. 

Luckily I have with me the greatest woman in the world and the most precious gift God has given me, my mother.  She's a treasure.  I don't know that anyone could put up with me as much as she does.  She takes care of me even when she's sick. She has been here with me throughout the whole process, from pre-op classes to my early morning cries when I ask myself "what the hell did I do?".  She reminds me of what a big step I have taken in building a better future for myself.  She keeps me grounded but most important of all, she provides me with love, affection and 800% support. 

I could have never done this without her.

Thank you Mommy, I love you from here to Pluto. (even though it's no longer a planet)

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