2 week follow-up with Dr. Acosta

Aug 22, 2007

Hello everyone!!!  Well today I had my 2 week follow up with Dr. Acosta.  At first I was a little nervous I didn't know what to expect.  Well they took me back to weight in and I was in shock     I couldn't belive what the scale was telling me.  The day of surgery I weighed in at 329 lbs.  Today I weighed in at 304 lbs.  Yay!!! I am so proud of myself.  I feel great.  So the hardest 2 weeks are over.  I'm on to soft foods.  Which I'm glad;  cuz I was getting tired of just protein shakes.  Well I wanted to share some of the excitement I had today.  I hope you all have a great night.

My life...

Aug 21, 2007

Well this is my first blog that I post on here.  I'm very excited and happy with the step that I took in having my surgery done.  Yesturday was 2 weeks since my surgery.  I feel great.  I can see on my body that I have lost weight.  I've been tempted to weight myself. I keep telling myself I can weight till the weight my at the doctors office.  These two weeks have been an experience.  It was a big change having the surgery.  My family is all very supportive.  And have tried to make these two weeks easy for me.  But I know this is only the beggining.  I've heard that after the two weeks it's get a little easier.  I'm looking froward to the new life.  This is a new chapter of my life.  I don' t have much more to say.  

Thanks to all that sent best wishes to me.  I will put updated pictures up as soon.  As I can figure out how to have the program accept them.  God Bless!!  

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2 week follow-up with Dr. Acosta
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