Well it all started on September 21, 1976...the day I was born.....naw just joking.....but ever since I can remember I have always been the "biggest" child everywhere I went it seems.  I remember in school not wanting to have gym because I was embarrassed by my weight and I didn't want to be teased so I would never dress for gym and I failed it(junior high)....never knew that could happen until I did it.  My mother put me and my sister in weight watchers when I was 12 years old and my sister was 16 yrs old.  To me that was embarrassing because it seemed like she was embarrassed as well by me and my sister’s appearance.  It was crazy.  I didn't feel the love from her at all as a child.  I had something horrible happen to me at the age of 14 and it seems since that I gained more weight and more weight.  As I went through high school I really never got teased so much I think because I was big and mean looking.  I kept the mug on my face to protect me...but deep down inside I was a very gentle person.  I got along with everybody and they momma(as people say)....that’s just how friendly I was....if I ever had a issue with somebody it was not because I didn't like them it was usually because they didn't like me.  But anyhow as I became an adult I came to realization with myself that I need to do something about this weight issue.  I would try to walk as much as possible and be a little more active...that lasted for a short time though.....I used to smoke marijuana also and I think that kept me eating a lot at one time.  I stopped in August of 2006 and I had a few relapses with it but now I am completely clean...after this though that’s when  I put on a lot of my weight I have now......its like I gained 50lbs to quick I found out last November I have type II diabetes......I about had a nervous breakdown because I was like I don't want to die young and then the stories the doctors and nursed would tell me like...you could lose a leg or something..or that I could go blind...etc....it scared the Hell out of me and made me more focused on me....so I joined a gym and that lasted for a couple of months and then I started the nutri-system diet and that worked but as soon as I stopped it(expensive) I gained back the weight I lost plus some extra...it was crazy and depressing at the same time......I knew then I definitely needed so that’s where im at today in my life and im so ready for a complete life change......I have so much support that I made this decision....my friends at work are very supportive...they want to start an exercise group in honor of me so that we all can exercise together...I think that’s so loving of them and they are gonna make sure I stick to all that im supposed to be doing....they have been looking up different things about the lap band surgery and I mean you just got to love them to death for being them......my family is the same as well...I was gonna tell my auntie that as soon as im able im gonna go walking with her because she is 60something and she looks too good.....she exercises almost everyday and she just looks so beautiful...my mother also exercises and she said we will workout together also....I mean I really have a lot of support all around....This is my story...the short version of course

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