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Jan 10, 2007

I was NOT comfortable- 

How could I really enjoy my life when I disliked how much I felt and despised how I looked? I am really one blessed woman -  I have an amazing family and wonderful husband - all who love me unconditionally.  But - they were all scared for me.  And I knew it.  And I was scared for me.     How could I possibly lose all the weight I have accumulated in my life?  I was overwhelmed and desperate. 

This operation wasn't considered because I'm vain - I needed to save my life. With diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep apnea and a BMI equal to my ever expanding waist size - I was heading to an early grave - Well, that was not going to happen.  I have always been proactive.  I asked my doctor if I was a good candidate for gastric bypass, and with a resounding "YES" - my journey for weight loss had begun.

I had gastric surgery on June 6, 2006.  I had many hoops to jump before I could have the operation - but I did it.  It took pretty much a year between the insurance conditions and pyschological appointments.  They really want you to understand that this can be risky and life as you know it will change.  

I had NO pain.  NO regrets.  I feel amazing.  I can't tell you what losing over 100 lbs in 12 months has done.
No more medicine. 

I did everything by the book and now, after a year, I am experimenting more.  I need to remember that my "Pouchy" is always in control.  And Don't make "Pouchy Grouchy"!!!   I am not saying it's been easy.  They  take care of your stomach - not your head.  But, if you want it bad enough, and I do, then it IS easy.  What an amazing journey this is - I am so lucky and blessed.  It's a second chance - a "do over", if you will....

My head has lost the most weight - I am no longer bogged down with what I am going to do with all the weight I needed to lose and how I was going to do it - 

I am comfortable 
I am lighter
I am healthier AND
I feel beautiful 

If you have ANY doubts about this surgery - please know how much of an impact this will have on your lifestyle.  This is not a quick fix, this is not easy.  But, this wonderful operation is a tool for you to live your life as it should be lived...  With good health and a clear mind. 

Thank  you Dr. Partridge  - Thank you, Me

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