I am 66 years old and been married to the same man for almost 45 years. I don't know how we put up with each other ha ha. . I was normal size when I was born Jan.22,1941 in St.Louis,Mo. I think that was the last time I was normal weight.

I hated grade school because of the taunts. My Dad mostly raised me by his self with the help of 4 stepmothers. I visited with my mother rarely because my stepfather picked at me about my weight. When I was about 12 My father worked at Chase candy co and he would bring me paper shopping bags of toasted coconut marshmellows I guess my sweet thooth came out of that.

My hubby and I  lived togeather for 1 year, very much frowned on then. That year was the first of many diets. I went from 165 to 113 that year, so much in love that I was never hungry, I had a friend that got me started on diet pills, boy the diet pills back then really gave me a high.1 year later I weighed 113 and made my own weddimg dress and it was black, I know I'm weird.

For the next 25 years I was constantly on a diet. I never got over 150. Then I quit smoking, back whe there wasn't any help. I went up to 190 and then I had my hysterectomy and 7 weeks later I hemroid and fissure surgery. So before I knew it I was in the 200's My highest weight is 252.

I took redux I think it was in 1998 I lost 50 lbs in 6 months what a wonderful time that was, I loved that pill it made a person fell like ther could do any thing. but as usuall I gained it back In late1999 I found out I needed back surgery so some how I took that 50 lbs off again. I ate less and we had 2 acres to mow and I did it with a push mower.I was a little bit healhier back then.

I never got back to 250 but I came close the first of March this year I was 240. I got my sleep study report back and that doctor recommended WLS and that got me to going at first H didn't think it would work until he did the reserch. So now he is complely on board.He is going to do the nutrition classes and the dietition on Wed.with me. He wants to make sure I do everything just right and my memory is so bad.

We spent 42 years in Ohio. The shopping there was closer  but the people weren't as friendly. But you hve to live where the job  takes you. I have never had a job outside the home but there was always plenty for me to do. For 12 years we had a jersy milk cow, a few steers, a pig, rabbits, and chicken boy where our grocey bills low.

I went on the zone diet 1/5/05 and lost some weight on it I think I weighed around 220 when we got here 6/27/05.

We never had childre but we love all animals, we have always had a pet some times we had as many as 6 now we are down to 1 crazy cat that was droped off at our last place and we moved here we brought her with us. We lost our 18 and 16 year cats within 4 nonths of each other last fall

I hope to have my sugery in Sept. That seems like a long wait but at my age time does go by faster.Of course I am busy with exercising and paper work paper work paper work. This house is not very old so it doesn't take a lot of work.

I quit sewing when I found out I would get my surgery. Why make some thing that I won't be wearing. I miss it.

I didn't start driving until I was 49 years old, it is a good thing I did it then because my memory is so bad now.A year later I went back to school and got my GED. I hated sghool so much that I quit after the 8th grade. As the years rolled by I started feeling like a dummy every time I had to fill out a form.

Since H has retired he won't let me drive because of all the meds I'm on but I'm going to start driving when we do things around town.

10/01/07 I'm sitting here waiting to go to hospital for my surgery. I'm starting to get the jitters. I had hoped to stay calm at least until I got to the hosital oh well. Better close and shut down the computer. See you all in a ffew days. 
10/14/07 I guess evyone knows by now the bad luck or what ever with my surgery. I've had 1 fairly good day, that was yesterday and of course I over did it and paying for it today by feeling crappy and some pain. I had my first good nights sleep last night I didn't get up and roam all over the house. Things are getting better I have the bowels under control with the help of powered fiber I just don't take as much as I use to.The fever is all gone and I think as soon as I get the staples out 10/17/07 a lot of the pain will ease off. The staples go from the top of my belly button to between my boobies so my bra is rubbing some but if I don't wear my bra then the girls make my ribs really sore.

H and I seem even closer. He really was scared he was going to lose me and pays a lot more attentence to me which is some thing I've always wanted. I still don't get every thing I want but I'm working on some of those like a tiny house dog. We have always had big dogs in the past sand the last one died in 98 and he says it hurts to much to lose them to get a new one. But he said we wouldn't get any more cats when the last 2 died but some one through away the one we go now and he loves her to death.

Nov. 6,2007   I will try to update this some. I'm still not up to par but things do seem to be a tiny bit better as far as engery goes. I lost 14 lbs the first 2 weks I was home but only 4 lbs since then. which makes 59lbs lost including before surgery.
I can't seem to find any thing that I want to do everything that I liked before surgery bores me now. I am afraid to post because I have been flamed so bad the last couple times and it hurts when that happens so I have been staying away for a while. I was such a chatterbox before and now I can't think of a thing to say.

Nov. 16, 2007 I am feeling better these days. I'm back to doing 3 miles in an hour and a half every day unless it rains. It is getting cooler but so far it hasn't stopped us. My engery level is up some but I still tire easy. I started aerobics again this week but they are low impack because I'm afraid to do to much because I have an infection in 2 spots under my incision which I'm taking meds for and the doctor said they could burst open and drain and I don't want that to happen because it would be messy.

I have one reason to be happy about the surgery, Howard and I are much closer. He doesn't take me for granted so much and I have learned how to say no when I don't want to do some thing. I could never do that before because I always felt guilty about gaining all that weight.

I better get going Iam having company this afternoon and I haven't done much housework since I've been home. I had every thing clean and ship shape before but it doesn't last forever. I have pile of thigs sitting around and I hate clutter worse than dirt. I love to putter around the house putting thing away when I have the engery. More later as I feel better.

P.S I'm have been in a stall all month so I'm doing the 10 day plateau buster.

March 30,2008  I figuared it was time to up date this a little. I have deceided to go by hightest weight which is 252 lbs so as of this morning I have lost 101 lbs. Whoopie it doesn't seem possible that I ever weighed that much and still walked around let alone did all the things I did.  
I think I am about ready to kick things up a notch with my support group and get my online group going if I can figure it out. There for awhile I thought it was all to much trouble but my depression is lifting some and I want to try and help other people. I won't have a lot of time once the weather settles down because I have so many plans for my garden and yard and old shit head has no intrest in any of that and I like working by myself at my own speed and getting it done right. He does things the fastest he can just so he can get it over with. Enouth said about him. 
I am still exercising 2 hours a day. 35 minutes for aerobics 1 day above the and the next day below the belt using weights both days and 1hour 20 minutes to walk 3 miles I have cut 10 minutes off the time if I don't stop to say hey to someone. 
My weight is really coming off slow but it is my own fault I still haven't got my head straight when it come to food. I thought I was so ready but I wasn't and I don't think most people are that used food as a way to feel better mentaly. Maybe with spring almost here I can get out more and get my mind off of food some. I need to stick to the rules more intead of trying to find a way to cheat the system because it doesn't work for the long haul. But we are what we are and it is so hard to change and at my age it seems like it is near impossable but I will get it done. 
I feel so much better without the weight I have lost it makes it hard to want to lose more just to look better but I do so want to get into size 12 like I was when we got married 46 years ago.
On a happier note Trooper will be 4 months old the 6th April and weigh 4 1/2 lbs and they say that what he weighs at 4 month he will be twice that when he is grown. He is such a charcter and the cat seems to get along with him pretty good. She will come out of her room looking for to play/fight with him. I am so glad she took to him because she always seem to hate dogs before. We are having a hard time getting him housebroke. He won't go to the door and let us know he has to go out we have to keep a close eye on him and look for the signs that he needs to go out. Oh well maybe when the wheather finally settles down it will be easier. Gotta go for now and get dressed before my guys get up.











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