David Syn

"I am going to use Dr. David Syn to do my revision surgery. I was very impressed with him at the seminar he gave and all of the great things I have read and asked about him. It is a shame I am having to have a revision BUT when the staples breakdown and disappear after only 1 1/2 years.............. I haven't met Dr. Hall yet but I have had alot of contact with the ladies in his office and they have been wonderful and very helpful while I made this life changing decision. I want to have the Open RNY and I was approved by my insurance in one week. I have a date it is April 3, 2001. I'll update later on to let you know my opinion of him. If he is anything like his staff I'm sure he's great. Plus I have had others tell me how wonderful he is."
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Feb 25, 2001
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