Growing up playing Basketball, i never had to worry about what i was eating. 6 foot 5 inches tall and 212 pounds i definitely wasn't over weight, and here it comes but the knee injury at 22 years of age. Changed everything for me.slow at first 20 pounds no big deal.  Start smoking oh no here comes the drinking another  30 pounds and before you know it your turning 30, and then it all goes to pot then,  more than a 100 pounds over weight. Still not letting the weight affect me that much, but know eating a large pizza by my self no big deal wright.Then i decide to stop smoking and drinking all together finally before i knew what happened I'm weighting in at the age of 37 at 459 pounds with  high blood pressure, sleep apnea, snoring to bring down the house. my knee where killing having hard time even walking. never wanting to admit there is a problem. Then i had a customer that had an open ask me are you OK, i was like what are you talking about. He said you breath so heavy have you ever thought of the surgery , so that when i found out about it for the first time. Then my grandfather got very sick with leukemia, and one day before he passed away he said to me if your going to to live as long as me you better lose weight, it scared me to death. So  after the funeral i decided to go for it. May 21, 2008 my new birth.               

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Oct 28, 2008
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