Laurence Tanaka

"My first impression of Dr. Tanaka was that he was a man that meant business! No beating around the bush...he told me the pros and cons of having this surgery...then smiled and told me that everything would be fine! PBSMG is a fine center and his office staff is very professional and friendly. Dr. Tanaka was very caring and attentive after my surgery...he made sure that I was 100% before releasing me from the hospital! If you are having WLS in San Diego, there is no better place to have your surgery than at Scripps Mercy and if you are fortunate to have the team at PBSMG to do your surgery, you will indeed be blessed!"

Scripps Mercy Hospital (COE)

"The nursing staff at Scripps is Excellent. They were so attentive and were always there to help me when I needed it. I would recommend this hospital to anyone that is going through WLS."
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Nov 22, 2004
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