I'm officially a Bandster!

Jun 12, 2008

Ok, this is my first post since my operation.  I think all in all it wasn't that bad.  I was at an outpatient surgery center which was ok, but I def. felt like I was being rushed out.  I was fine when I got home, but the anesthesia made me want to just curl up and stay there.  The weird thing I remember is that the nurse tried to get me to drink ginger ale when I was coming out of it.  Everything I have read said "NO CARBONATION!".  Thank God that was drilled in my mind or I would have been in a load of pain on top of what I was dealing with. 

Having had a c-section, this honestly was not anywhere near as painful.  I just don't remember any of the severe gas pains you get in the shoulders that I am dealing with now.  I learned the hard way that you HAVE to stay hydrated - lots of water or ice.  I slacked and ended up nauseaus and throwing up.  Not fun.  But, after spending a full day drinking something every hour, I feel much better. 

I am going to go lie down now and get a heating pad on this stinkin' shoulder of mine.  Gas is not your friend.  But, I can't wait to see the scale tomorrow!

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I'm officially a Bandster!