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"I work in healthcare and I have to say that what initially drew me to Dr. Li is that she is not like most other surgeons. Surgeons do not have the best reputation as being easy to work with and having the best attitude. Dr. Li is the \"anti-surgeon\" in this respect. She is not only the kindest, most caring surgeons I have ever met, but one of the most kind and caring physicians I have ever met. I knew that if I was to have WLS, then Dr. Li had to be my surgeon. When i first went to one of Dr. Li's seminars, she was obviously very competent, knowledgable, and well-trained in her field. What impressed me most though, was how well she seemed to understand the problems, anxiety, fear, and pain of the morbidly obese patients she helps. The could grasp the emotional side of the disease as much as the physical side. This insight made me feel very comfortable with Dr. Li and with the Bariatric surgery Program at Sinai Hospital. I made my appointment to see Dr. Li and start the process the day after that seminar. Dr. Li also surrounds herself with a great team. The surgeon is just part of an amazing program at Sinai. I have always felt well informed and prepared at each step of the way. WLS can be overwhelming, but knowing what is expected of you and what to expect next makes things easier. So after a bunch of pre-op testing that gave Dr. Li all the info she needed, we set a surgery date. I then had a pre-op appointment, where my wife also came and we asked a bunch of questions. Dr. Li happily answered all of our questions and addressed all of my concerns. We even discussed some points together and she asked for my input, which is alwasy nice to be a part of your own care. My surgery went well and my wife was kept in the loop by Dr. Li and her staff throughout and after the surgery. Dr. Li told me what to expect throughout my hospitalization so I knew what to expect and there were no real surprises. Now that the surgery is over, Dr. Li still expects regular follow-ups and adherance to the post-op diet and exercise regimen as she really wants her patients to succeed. I have been very satisfied with Dr. Li and the Sinai Bariatric Surgery program and would recommend it to anyone looking to have weight loss surgery."
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