My story starts after i married and had my second child, Lecia!  I gained 46 pounds while pregnant and my sweet baby girl weighed 6.05 lbs!  So the extra 40 pounds was all me!!  So here we go-  i never did lose the weight and kept gaining.  I would from time to time lose some with diets but it would come back and bring friends with it.  In 2004 my doctor wanted to send me to SJE for the wls and i went through all the pre testing but was denied.  So i gave up at that point,  but in August 2006 i started to have more medical problems.  My bad knees got worse and my back problems are almost unbearable.  In January 2007 the pain in my abdomen was so bad that i finally went to gynecologist (almost convinced i had cancer i kept putting it off).  I had a 5 cm cyst on my right ovary and so i ended up with surgery and he removed (2) 5 cm cysts and did a uterine ablation.  So i recovered from this surgery only to get sick in April, 2007.  I dont know if i have ever been that sick in my life.  I couldnt breathe but i was trying to work every day anyway.  I was getting into trouble for missing things but i was doing the best i could!  Finally one night i woke up and couldnt breathe and my husband said he was gonna make me go to the hospital and so i just left and somehow drove myself to the hospital and when i got there my oxygen level was 82% ( Normal is >93%).  I left my husband and children in the bed and just left!  The hospital called my husband who was freaked out that i had just left the house. I had pneumonia.  Anyway, it was noticed while i was in the hospital (for 5 days) that my oxygen level dropped way too low while i was sleeping so i get the order for the sleep study and the appointment with the pulmonologist and the appointment with allergy doctor.  So now, i sleep with a c-pap, use inhalers constantly and take allergy shots weekly.  All of this has ended with me back at the WLCS at SJE for the surgery they should have given me back in 2004! However, now i am approved for surgery and have a date for August 21, 2007!  I am on my way now!! This is my Family!!!   My reason for living!!

Please Play Video.....It says it all!!

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