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"My first impression of my surgeon was damn, he is tiny! Dr. Shope has been nothing but kind to me. He has answered every single question from serious (complication %/infection rate) questions to my frivolous (can I wear acryllic nails/dark nail polish/drink with a straw) type questions. I am having my surgery July 17th with him, so I will update after the actual surgery. But so far, his bedside manner is fabulous, AND he has a sense of humor. Hershey Medical Center has an EXTREMELY structured program where you go through rigorous testing and see nutritionists for 6+ months, a psychologist, exercise specialist (if needed..I didn't have to go to him, but my husband and mother did), a sleep study doctor (again, I already had a sleep study, so I didn't have to go to theirs) and an anesthesia clinic. I'll be honest, everyone has been very nice, but I do have one complaint...the front desk staff at Hershey Middletown where you see the Nutritionists. They need to be more aware of billing and appointments, because there have been multiple times when I was scheduled on a day when there was no group or the nutritionist I was supposed to see wasn't there or my insurance was billed wrong. Also, I feel as if in the nutritional classes we should be reviewing more about the lifestyle changes that will be occurring AFTER surgery and eating plans AFTER surgery and talking more about the surgery itself. I personally, having a masters degree in Occupational Therapy and a bachelors degree in Health Science (minor in psych), could have EASILY ran both the individual and group meetings for nutrition that I attended, they were THAT basic. "
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