fluffyblueeyedchick 17 years, 9 months ago

You are so beauitful! I hope to read more of your journey and I pray your surgery will be a success! Someday you will be able to see yourself in the same light others see you! I can tell you this surgery will change your life. I dance on the dance floor with or without a dance partner. I go out to lunch with my kids. The thing in your story that was so familar was the part about not getting out of your car if people was around, I was there once NOT any more! I am always going places and doing things but the most wonderful thing is being able to sit in the chairs at the doctors office, yea those same ones that use to leave their marks on my hips too.....girl you have a whole new life waiting on you and I can't wait to hear your wow moments!!!! God Bless you and Keep you safe in your journey!!!!
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