I'm 26 years old & I've been heavy all of my life & decided that I had to take such a drastic measure in order to save myself. I'm just over 2 weeks post-op and can't wait to see how I look without an extra 100 pounds on me!

Update! Today is January 2, 2004! Happy New Year!
I've reached my goal - I'm 140 now and w/ a BMI of 24.8 :)
My pre-op BMI was 49.1 so you can see that there is quite a difference. My energy level is doing better but my hairloss is starting to worry me abit. I've been bad about my vitamins -- need to make nutrition a top priority this year!

December 24, 2004 - I'm at 127 -- last time I was this weight I was in the 7th grade...

September 19, 2005 -- Haven't updated in a long time... Just had my first child on 7.29.05 -- gained 32 lbs w/ pregnancy and have 10 pounds to lose to reach my goal of 140.... My primary care physician and I have decided that 127 wasn't good for me... and I'm more comfortable at 140ish.. My face isn't as gaunt and I just look healthy :) I never knew that I could actually lose too much...live and learn...

1.16.07 -- Had my second child 7.23.06. Currently weigh 162 lbs. I am ok with my weight right now. I am having a very difficult time finding a way to finance the skin removal surgery that I need and want.  I'm only 30 years old and just once in my life I'd like to look into the mirror at myself without clothes and not utter "I'm ok". I want to shout "I'm beautiful!". I guess I have more work to do.  

10.17.07 -- I had my panniculectomy and brachioplasty performed by Dr. Castle on 8.15.07. I feel fantastic. I have a few spots on my arms that have lost sensation but I guess that is to be expected. I do have a large inverted "T" scar on my abdomen but I also can wear low rise jeans and a regular length shirt w/o risk of being asked how far along I am. :)
  I can finally look at myself --scars and all -- and I am happy. 
I will have my thighs done sometime in the next few years  -- but there are not as big of an issues as my stomach and arms were.

I hope everyone is doing well and please feel free to contact me:)

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