4/15/2008 RED LETTER DAY. Today was my informational meeting with Oregon Weight Loss Surgery. What a great feeling that I have finally found something that will help me with my weight and a longer life. So much information.

4/16/2008 I have submitted my application to OWLS for gastric bypass. They tell me I should know if my insurance approves and what it will pay within two weeks. I am on my way to a new me, and a long and healthy life!!

4/24/2008 Just spoke with the obesity clinic doing the preliminary work up prior to surgery. They will be calling my insurance company tomorrow.

5/2/2008 Just talked with the obesity clinic, they have verified my benefits & will call for an appointment within the week. I should have all my testing done before Memorial Day. YEA!!

5/15/2008 Legacy Obesity Institute just called. My pre-op appointments are May 22 & 27. I am totally stoked!!

5/22/2008 First set of pre-op tests done. Blood, EKG, eating & psych evaluations. I go back next Tuesday to meet the various specialists. Sleep study was ordered today & should have it in the next two weeks. Yahoo, I'm on my way!

5/27/2008 Today I met with the dietitian, psych, NP, & PT and received clearance from all of them. I am just waiting for the dreaded sleep study. They tell me that should be done within the next couple of weeks. Then we're really off to the races. I am having trouble containing my excitement.

6/4/2008 Sleep study, finally, scheduled for next Tuesday. The group doing the study lost my paperwork. Good thing I am such a stickler for follow up!

6/6/2008 Sleep study tonight. Received a call they had a cancellation & did I want the appointment. Of course, why wouldn't I.

6/7/2008 Gross, I hope I never have to do another sleep study. Goop in the hair and wire everywhere! I live to talk about it though. Off to get some real sleep!

6/18/2008 Bad news on the sleep study. My oxygen level is so low that I have to do another study. The doctor is not sure why the drop by probably will put me on a CPAP until after surgery. The good news in all of this is that they are not holding my file up to set a consult with the surgeon. I should hear something within a week.
On another note, our daughter graduated with her RN last night! YEA Naomi, so proud of you.

6/22/2008 Wedding over. Congratulations Christian & Brittany, love you both. On to the sleep study this Friday night and hopefully some answers to the low oxygen levels in my body.

6/25/2008 Yahoo! The surgeon's office just call and set my consultation for July 1. My second sleep study is tonight. Everything is finally falling into place. Thank you Lord!

7/1/2008 Dr Halpin cleared me for surgery today. OWLS will submit to my insurance & then call me with a date. Surgery should be in 4 to 6 weeks. YAHOO!!

7/15/2008 Just talked with  Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I AM APPROVED. Dr Halpin's office opens at 8:30 and I hope to get a date. YEA GOD!

7/15/2008 So here it is the call I have been waiting for. July 31, is the day to change my life forever. I can not believe it will be here in just over 2 weeks. I am blessed to have such a great support system in place. Wonderful family, friends and co-workers. Thank you all for being there for me. I hope I can repay it in some small way.

7/27/2007 Well, tomorrow starts the full liquid diet. I have been on a very restricted diet since July 2 and have lost 16#. I know that God is my strength and that I will survive this stage of preparation. I am ready to change and to become the woman He wants me to be (and in a thin body!).
7/30/2008 Tomorrow is "THE DAY". I am not really afraid but the reality is sinking in, I an NEVER going to be obese again. I thank God for this wonderful opportunity to regain my life and life healthy.
8/3/2008 Home yesterday & boy am I sore. Great nursing staff at Good Sam in Portland, Oregon. My incisions a very bruised but don't hurt just the lower abdominal muscles. Chair sleeping seems to be the order of the day. I am sipping my liquids and walking around the house, I don't feel steady enough to walk outside yet. I do not have any regrets about choosing this surgery.
8/20/2008 Today I made a decision about exercise. I realize that I will never be a walker so I joined Curve's. They are reasonably priced and near my home and my work. If all fails I can give a 30 day notice and try something else.
8/25/2008 Back to work today! New location, same job. Thank you God for answered prayer, even where work is concerned. Went to Curve's and worked out then off to the office. By tail is dragging now but it was good to get my body moving and work too. Each day is a little easier and I'm a little stronger. Did eat something tonight that really kicked me in the ribs and up it came. Will evaluate and not eat that again.
8/31/2008  One month out & down 17 1/2 inches. We went camping and I can now fit into the dinette. That is so cool. I can now sit at the table and eat with Phil. Meet with my surgeon on September 3 and will record my weight loss then
9/3/2008 Met with the surgeon today. I am down 41.4# since I first met with her in July. I am so jazzed. The dietitian did scold me for not eating enough protein. So it's back to the shakes, starting tomorrow..
9/30/2008 Two months out and down about 50# and 29". Went shopping this weekend and was able to purchase a few new things in 3X and one 2X. What a great feeling, down from some very tight 4X clothing. This has been a very stressful month with my mom's passing and the new job, but God is good and I am on track with working out and getting back to the basics on my eating.
10/31/2008 Glory be to God! I am down 41.25" and 57+ pounds in 3 months. I feel great and am amazed daily at how much more energy I have. Working out twice a week at Curves but stepping it up to 3 times on Monday. Life is good!
11/8/2008 First 100 days and down 70#. How amazing. I am struggling with dairy products and looking for other options. God is good all the time!
11/30/2008 Four months out, I can hardly believe my change. God is blessing me daily. I am down 89# and 52.25". Amazing. Camping this weekend was so much easier. I really need to get back to Curve's and working out. No excuses just plain lazy. My 2 & 3X cloths are getting too large so I will need to go shopping, what a pity. Happy Christmas season to you all.
12/31/2008 Five months out, down 96.3# and 57", What an amazing change. I am sending clothing to charity that I have barely had a chance to wear (only buy on sale!). God is so faithful, even through a 3 week stall my hope was not lost.
Yesterday we found out that we are to be grandparents in the late summer. Wow, am I that old!!
Blessings on you all for a prosperous and thinner new year.
1/19/2009 Happy New Year! Just had my 6 month (actually 5 1/2 month) check up with my Nut, PT & NP. All are pleased with my progress, down 100# since my initial consultation with them. My labs are good except folic acid and I can go off my BP meds. What an amazing journey, God IS good and He is faithful.
1/26/2009 Today I started my water exercise (at the PT's suggestion) I walked about 5 miles and feel great!
1/31/2009 What a difference six months makes. I am down 101#  (126# from my all time high) and 60 total inches. I feel great and haven't been under 250 in more years that I care to think about. I am water walking 5 to 7 miles five times a week and love it. My God is an awesome God and I thank Him daily for the healing this surgery has provided for me.
2/28/2009 Another 6# down. Rough month, but getting better. I am walking in the water 5 days a week and loving it. Lost another several inches, my cloths (the new ones) are getting too big. What a problem. God is in control.
3/31/2009 Total loss now 112# and over 65 inches. Feeling good and enjoying life more than I thought I could. Walking in the pool 4 to 5 days each week, without pain. What a huge blessing. I need to control the cloths shopping though, my closet is bursting at the doors. What a problem!! I praise the Lord daily for the success and joy I feel in this new freedom.
4/6/2009 The ultrasound shows, IT'S A BOY!! Our first grandchild is on his way, September. Blake Michael. Congrats, Christian & Brittany!
4/28/2009 What an AMAZING weekend. I took Phil to Las Vegas for his 60th birthday. I am so thankful to the Lord for this new life. No extent ion for the seat belt in the plane, I fit into the seat, no large sized restroom stalls, I walked (literally miles) and lived to tell about it. Rode the gondola at the Venetian Hotel. It was wonderful. People who haven't experienced this will not understand my elation to the changes and personal growth. I am so HAPPY with my new life. Glory be to the Creator.
5/13/2009 Saw my PC today. I am down 142# from my highest weight. She was so amazed and pleased. My blood work was great,  my BP is 118/68 and all is well in the world! What a great gift I have been given. Thank you Lord!
5/31/2009 10 months out & down 145# What an amazing ride!! I feel like I have a new lease on life. I am walking in the pool 3 to 5 days a week and my bike just arrived so now I can ride the days I don't go to the pool. Camping has become so much easier. Looking forward to  our two weeks in northern California the end of June. Glory to God for the successes I have had & will continue to grant me.
June 30, 2009 No weight or measurements this month. We are on the road in the trailer. Another amazing trip. God's splendor is everywhere. The giant redwoods are totally amazing & the coast line is beyond words. His hand is shown in every turn.
I have walked on the beach, the Trees of Mystery & the RV parks. It still surprises me that I can do this, of course I am packing less weight!
I thank God, daily, for the gift of WLS.

7/30/2009 What an AMAZING year this has been. One year ago today I was in surgery, a total change of live experience. The WOW moments are too numerous to list but all so totally awesome just the same.
I saw my surgeon, dietitian & PT yesterday, all with the same reaction, they couldn't believe the changes. The nurse at the surgeons office didn't know who I was, imagine that! I'm down 153# from my highest, 121# from the first consult & 104 since surgery. Truly a God thing.
Today I will go to the study site (3 year study on bariatric patients) for my 1 year follow up. The study is to show the insurance industry that this is a viable measure for obese people of all ages and backgrounds. My prayer is that it will change the way insurance companies look at us & see the value in offering the surgery as a tool to help many.
Thursday, July 31 really was the beginning of a new life for me. Thank you Lord for this gift of life.
8/16/2009 What a great weekend at the Seattle OH event. New friends, new information & a new outlook on my tool. My daughter, Naomi, who is an RN joined me and is more appreciative of what I have gone through. The samples alone were worth the trip!! I thank the Lord for the opportunity to attend, meet and learn so much. If you ever have the chance to attend one of these events, take it. It will change your life.

9/9/2009 Today our first grandson was born. What a blessing from the Lord. Blake Michael Warner, 9# 2oz; 20 1/2". I am praising God for my new health so that I can enjoy Blake and be able to play with him as he grows. Welcome little one!
9/20/2009 Amazing day. Today I walked in the "Race for the Cure". I made my goal of the 1 mile walk, without having to stop and rest. It is always inspiring to see all the survivors in pink. But my story is a survival too. I am proud of the women who make this a daily fight. You go girl! (that's for you Sue).
3/15/2010 Metabalism test today. I am only burning my calories at about 57%. My follow up with the doctor can not happen until May. They are that busy. In the mean time I am ramping up my exercize & watching what I am eating. This is so troubling since I have come so far.
4/15/2010 Hard to beleive that it has been two years since I began this journey. I am down and feel so good. Still waiting on my metabalism follow up, praying for a cancellation so I can get in sooner.
5/21/2010 Today I met with my surgeon & the endocrinologist about my metabolism. I am only buring about 950 calories a day. SO I am now on a 1000 calorie restriction. No fruit 66 to 80 grams of protein. Working out at the gym 6 days a week 45 to 60 minutes each day:( They also started me on ephedrine to help boost the burning of calories. Will go back in 6 weeks. All in all I am pleased, down 180# from my highest. God is good & faithful.
7/31/2010 Two years, what a difference! I have lost 185# ! God is good. I have dropped from a size 34+ to a 16/18, a few 20's thown in for good measure. Love my new life, the only thing I would change would be to do this sooner in my life.
11/19/2010 APPROVED!!! I reveived a call from the plastic surgeon today, I have been approved. surgery will be either December 21 or January 4. Praise God, He delivers on His promises.
12/21/2010 Panny surgery today. I am so excited. Dr Z says 10 to 15 pounds to be removed.
12/23/2010  Home from surgery. Dr Z removed 11 pounds. I feel amazing. Thank you God that I live in a country where I have medical insurance & the freedom to select me doctor and hospital. God is GOOD!
1/20/2011 Today we celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary. I weigh less today than the day we married. What an amazing blessing from God.
2/7/2011 What a differance. I have been able to remove all band-aids from my long incision line & I am not in a size 16/18, down from a 34/36.  A whole new world in cloths shopping. Having the excess skin removed was the best move I have made since my by-pass. I am looking forward to removing the last 40 to 50 pounds & shopping in the next section down! I am a blessed woman.
3/31/2011 Congratulations to daughter Naomi, she just was sworn in as a lieutenant in the Air Force Reserve. She will be with a medical unit as a flight nurse. Great work honey-girl!! As for me I am struggling with my eating. But trust God will help me with this. He is the truly in charge of my life.

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