Second Day after VSG

Jun 20, 2021

Yesterday when I returned home after surgery I was running an adrenaline and doing everything by the book. Nothing mattered more than being home. I did my breathing exercises on time and followed the liquid diet without a problem. Even the incision that bled a bit didn't bother me.

Today I woke up and stayed in bed till 9:30am and I only got out because the alarm reminded me to take my medicine. I was not a bit hungry but I was woozy. Realized I had to get something into my stomach- proteins first - so I started with a shake. It wouldn't go done so I pushed it with some G2 sugar free Gatorade. By the time I was done I count eat breakfast so I took a nap and had cream of wheat for lunch at two. I had puréed mushroom soup for dinner - about 4 ounces and a popsicle for desert. Completed a second protein shake and was ready for bed.


This is my new life where my stomach will freeze up and clamp up and refuse to eat.


I like it already... but today I was not as breezy as yesterday. Hoping for happier tomorrow's.


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