Preop Tomorrow

Mar 13, 2008

Well to be honest the liquid phase did not go well at all.  But I just have to hang in there for a couple of more days.  My preop appointment is tomorrow at 10:30am and I cant wait.  Though they haven't told me what to do before my surgery as far as cleansing or clear liquids or fasting after what time, etc.  I hope I get this information tomorrow...   Either way... I have my little March group that has been very helpful so if I dont, I will just find it through my new found friends.  Stay tuned!   Chao for now.


Mar 07, 2008

Oh Goodness.. I just started my liquid diet yesterday and already I am whinning!  Well I will try to stay focused on the outcome... as I prepare my family a nice chunky meal they can sink their teeth into  Still beyond excited about my surgery coming up... my pre op was scheduled next Friday and it can not come soon enough!  Still no nerves... just anxiously awaiting my turn and DRINKING MY FOOD! 

Chao for now...ME


Feb 27, 2008

So March 20, 2008 will be the day of my surgery (RNY).  I can hardly wait...  Since I have lost 22lbs and was only asked to loose 15... NO LIQUID DIET FOR ME!!!!!  That was just as good of news as my surgery date being in 3 weeks.  How will I be able to concentrate on anything else?    Oh well... I will be anxiously awaiting.  Bye for now!

Today I schedule surgery!

Feb 26, 2008

Cant wait for my appointment this afternoon so that I can finally know when I will have surgery!  You would think today was surgery since I didn't sleep a wink last night.... I hope he says it can be done tomorrow... I know I am silly but one can hope.

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