Apparently all of the things I had written previously were deleted when the site was redone.  So I guess I'll start over...

I'm 25/W/F from PA.  I live near Philly now, but I grew up in a small town that no one has ever heard of and makes everyone laugh when they hear the name.  I am married to a (USUALLY) wonderful man and will celebrate my 5 year wedding anniversary to him in April 2007.  We have a beautiful daughter together who is now 15 months old and into EVERYTHING she can get her hands on.

I have been overweight my whole life.  I think the first time I realized I was "fat" was in second grade when we all had to line up and get weighed in the gym.  I was the biggest by far.  That memory has always stuck with me and haunted me.  Although I was often unhappy and uncomfortable with my size, I lived a pretty happy life.  I didn't think too badly of myself.  But after I moved to the Philadelphia area and got married, that all changed.  I gained A LOT of weight in a very short period of time.  I got very depressed and relationship problems ensued.  After I got pregnant, I decided I had had enough of this and needed to make a change.

I had been researching bariatric surgery for a number of years but never got up the courage (as with MOST things I do) to do anything about it.  But I realized that I need to be around for my daughter when she grows up.  I want to be able to run and play with her.  I want to be able to go on amusement park rides with her.  I can't do that now because I don't fit.  It's the most embarrassing thing in the world to know that you're too fat to ride on a roller coaster.  And most importantly, I don't want other kids to make fun of her when they see her with her fat mom.  So I made my move.

I went to a seminar at Barix Clinics.  I pretty much knew I was going to do the surgery before I even went to the seminar.  But I knew for sure after I went.  I had my consultation a short time after that and submitted my paperwork to the insurance company.  Within a few weeks, I got my approval.

My surgeon said I had to get a sleep study done.  Unfortunately, it found that I do have a mild case of sleep apnea.  I'm hoping I don't have to go a the CPAP machine or whatever it's called b/c it is only a mild case.  They also found that I have Severe Limb Movement Disorder or something like that.  They seemed much more concerned about that.  Apparently, I jerk in my sleep and wake myself up like 60 times a night.  No wonder I'm always so darn tired.  So I have to go back and meet with a doctor to discuss my results from that.

I faxed a copy of the test results to Barix Clinics and am now waiting (impatiently) on a date.  I got a estimated time period of March or early April from the scheduler.  I'm hoping March because I'm tired of waiting.  But at the same time, April would probably be better b/c that way I can save up a little more leave time at work.  I just hope I have it done before my anniversary on April 27th.  So for now, I'll just sit here and twiddle my thumbs and wait for my date.

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