Feeling normal... For the first time EVER!

Dec 17, 2014

Truly...  it's an odd feeling sometimes.  Being overweight/obese/super morbidly obese my entire life to being just normal is... surreal.  I remember the last time I was in a medium/large top and size 16 pants.  I was probably in 7th grade.  Prepubescence didn't make that time any easier for me either.  Middle school was a nightmare.  Lots of bullying and all of it revolved around my weight.  At 5'1.5, a few extra lbs definitely make a very big difference on this body. 


But here I am...  at 198 lbs all the way from 425.  And I must say, I look tiny!!! 


7.5 years out and I'm definitely enjoying the journey... with all its dips, dives, speed bumps, road blocks, twists, and turns. 


227 down.  But the wisdom gained has been priceless!


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