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"I had my open RNY in 2000, and all has been awesome ever since! Dr Sapala's energy and enthusiasm were absolutely contagious. He was a pioneer in the field, and brought this type of life saving surgery to our area (MOST areas, actually). I had every confidence in him and his Micro-Pouch procedure. My surgery went amazingly well. Dr.Sapala was very attentive and had no problem explaining every detail of all that I asked him. He really is a nice man and THAT really means alot given that he's a surgeon ;) . Went to the support meetings pre-op, as that was required (GREAT thing), and had my big day. Easy healing with a total loss of 173 lbs. I've kept it all off without much of a problem (except for this pesky 20 lbs that comes and goes...but I can't complain about THAT). The only problem that I've really had was that it seemed that when the surgery was over, there wasn't much follow up or after care. I don't remember there being a postcard or phone call regarding bloodwork or nutrition from the office. When Dr. Sapala left my area, his practice and the state, I wasn't notified. I had no one to answer my questions regarding long term post op concerns. I STILL have things I need to know, and I have to call Barix or the Cori center randomly as Dr.Sapala didn't refer his patients to anyone for this purpose. I've met and spoken to other former patients who have the same complaint. Maybe it worked out the way it did because I was so long ago...I don't have a CLUE where my records are from that office. He was in private practice with Dr Wood at the time. He doesn't seem to stay in one place very long. Not a problem as long as he doesn't leave his patients feeling abandoned... maybe myself and the others who've shared these feelings fell through the cracks. After all, what percentage are WE when there's been OVER 4000 OTHER PATIENTS accross the country??? He is a good guy and excellent Doctor, but this was my experience and opinion. Just something to think about...."
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